Bringing the health and wellness benefits of plants to people

Made From Fresh Plants



We’ve solved one of the biggest challenges in the CBD industry. With our patented technology, we don’t have to dry our plants to make CBD. As a result, we’ve created the only CBD made from fresh plants. Our vertically integrated approach enables us to harvest the valuable components and phytonutrients within an hour of picking fresh plants. You’ll smell, taste, and feel the difference.



Our CBD is made with our patented, water-based purification method without any chemical solvents. No fractionation and no unwanted by-products. It’s better for consumers and better for the environment.



We retain the natural abundance and balance of CBDA, CBGA, THCA, and their decarboxylated counterparts, in addition to other cannabinoids** along with the highest levels of terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, vitamins, and other restorative nutrients. It’s CBD the way nature intended – no fractionation.

How We Do It

Disrupting The Industry with our Patented Technology


Organic, U.S. Grown Cannabis Sativa L.

We organically raise our CBD-dominant, low-THC plants on thousands of fertile farmland acres at 6200 ft of elevation. Our farmers adhere to rigorous standards for sustainability, safety, and reliability, ensuring maximum oversight and traceability.

Trusted Brands Work with NewBridge

NewBridge provides fresh, clean, and complete whole plant ingredients to supply the industry with safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions.

We have partnered with an award-winning flavor house and leading beverage packaging company to showcase our ingredient in a consumer product, embodygreen. These partnerships highlight the unique products that are achievable with our CBD, proves the marketing value proposition that our ingredient unlocks, and brings manufacturing experience that will compress your learning curve.

We get you into the marketplace with differentiated products more cost-effectively and efficiently.

Supplying Fresh, Whole Plant CBD + CBDA Solutions (at scale) For:

Direct Use
White Labeling
Specialty Formulations

Why NewBridge

Differentiated product: CBDA dominant with CBD, terpenes and flavonoids, defining the term “Full-Spectrum”

Farming partners: Assures source supply and consistency

Patented technology: Enables scale unlike any alternative technology

Trusted relationships: Established partnerships with co-manufacturers for finished product

Redundancy: Multiple sources and facilities to mitigate risk in times of tightening supply-side dynamics

Expertise: In-house, advisory board, and partner core competencies in key areas

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Production Agriculture
  • Product Formulation
  • Food Science & Safety
  • Packaging
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Fulfillment

NewBridge wants to be your trusted source to fulfill Cannabis health and wellness needs for CBD + CBDA.

When you are vetting out a company, we know you have choices. The importance of supply chain cannot be understated. We operate at a scale unlike anything in this industry and we do so with track & trace, consistency, redundancy, and sustainability foremost in mind.

Contact us to schedule a meeting about how we can support your success in this emerging space.

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